Stage Beyond – In-house projects

Monday & Tuesday 9.30am – 3.00pm weekly - All year round

Stage Beyond divides its year between high quality training and the rehearsing and performing of a production for a public audience in a professional venue.

Staffed by professional experienced facilitators, members are offered sessions in many different performance techniques as well as good theatre practise. Throughout the first part of the year classes will be taken in voice, physicality, script work and devising as well as learning about stage management and production skills. During this part of the year the company are visited by external practitioners offering skills in other areas such as dance, singing, clowning and masks.

These skills are then put into practise for the annual Stage Beyond production. This is an exciting opportunity as the company have the chance to work with a professional director from the theatre industry as well as experiencing how theatre is produced and performed in a professional theatre venue.