Community Group in Foyle Arena, Derry/Londonderry

Focusing on team work, Communication skills, Performance skills and self-esteem.

As this is an evening class the group is very eager to do Drama. By working together improvising scenes and exploring their imaginations to develop interesting characters.

Creativity is flowing in this group they are very interested in performance and we are aiming for our end product to write a play/performance as a group for the end of the year.

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 St Brigids Secondary School, Derry

Focusing on team work, social skills, self-esteem and communication skills.
This group is very focused on popular computer games (Minecraft, Marvel, Lego etc) and movies (Star Wars, Spiderman, Lion King) so we have included personal favourite's in the scenes we would do as it keeps them engaged and interested.
As a group they have developed better social skills and team work. Helping each other with character ideas and compromising their ideas as they know everyone will get a equal chance to share ideas. 

 Benbradagh Resourse Centre, Limavady

This Group are aged from 25 yrs old to 80 yrs old. The group come from three centres for this workshop, Benbradagh Centre, Willow Group and Garden Centre. 
Our Aim is to Provide each individual with a platform to express themselves, develop self-esteem and confidence.
Drama ,Movement and Song brings a fun way for the group to interact with other adults whom they may not normally be in contact with on a daily basis. 

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Stage Beyond - concerned about what Brexit might mean for the rights of people with disabilities and learning ...

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