RASHOMON, 28th May 7.30pm The Millennium Forum

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 Stage Beyond visit the Lyric Theatre

Stage Beyond had a wonderful day visiting the Lyric Theatre!

The company had a comprehensive tour of the building including a look at behind-the-scenes areas (backstage, the scene dock, wardrobe). We even got to tread the boards of the main stage!

Our tour guide Niki Doherty finished our session a tableaux workshop. 

Stage Beyond will be coming to the Lyric Theatre again soon for further drama training and to present our annual production, Rashomon, in the Studio. 

We can't wait!  

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 Christmas at Stage Beyond

Stage Beyond Skit 

This year Stage Beyond celebrated the season with a very modern twist on the festive classic It's A Wonderful Life.

The group scripted the skit which looked at the topical issue of the American presidential election campaign.

Dee Conaghan, Artistic Manager of Stage Beyond, said the idea for the sketch came from the group members themselves who are always directly involved in deciding what projects they take on.

'It was very much the members' idea,' said Dee. 'They wanted to look at what would happen if Donald Trump were elected as President.'

The Christmas showcase allowed the group to show off what they have been working on towards the end of 2015 - before they embark on a heavy schedule for 2016 which will see them perform in Belfast and Dublin - as well as the Millennium Forum Derry with their ambitious production of Rashomon

Stage Beyond also shined as the half time entertainment for the Millennium Forum's annual pantomime Aladdin as part of the Relaxed Performance.

Here are some photos of their Christmas hijinks!

Stage Beyond Christmas 

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RASHOMON, 28th May 7.30pm The Millennium Forum

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